Project E159-house – Terem m2 total area of 142.1

Welcome to the project E159-house – Terem with a loft (sketch floor plans) for a modern prefabricated frame technology Ecopan. Cottage on the project can be constructed by a combination of technology, as well, and all other projects. Draft E159 differs beautiful architectural design – reminiscent of the tower of Russian folk tales. I remember the phrase: “Someone who lives in a mansion?” This project will be important for the kids – they will “grow up in a fairy tale” Ecopan technology (this technology is called “Canadian”) refers to the LSC – light constructions. Building on the technology of low-rise Ecopan frame homes, cottages, buildings and facilities described in sub-heading of the Journal of the House of Maestro ECOPAN (SIP panels). Over 80% of low-rise buildings (houses, hotels, childcare facilities, shops, warehouses, office buildings, buildings for other purposes) in developed countries is based on frame technology, including technology “Ecopan” of monolithic panels. The project is a cottage based on Russian folk tales Terem E159, sketch The total area of 142.1 m2. On the ground floor Terema garage, boiler room and a sauna. Living space for a particular view of the customer after the approval of planning premises basement, first and attic floors. Draft E159 is not regarded in value. If you like this project, we are ready to modify it according to your requirements and to clarify the cost domokomplekta, installation, foundations, etc. Discounts are available. After you select your project, together we select and assign the project a name and, with your permission, do a little photo essay from the construction site. Photo report on the construction of the cottage with your consent is placed in the Journal of the Maestro. You can show your friends how to build a cottage, and if you decide to sell it – you can show potential buyers. You can order and buy from us domokomplekt and mount it yourself or order domokomplekt with our installation.


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